Student Programs

GATEway Science Fair

Every year, elementary students in grades three through six can participate in the GATEway Science Fair which occurs in February.  Each project is reviewed by at least three scientists or researchers.  The student explains the project to each reviewer who will  ask questions about the project and engage in constructive conversation.  At the end of the fair, the student receives a written review sheet from each reviewer.  There is also a presentation from the Minnesota Science Museum that students attend.

This is intentionally not a competition.  The purpose is to introduce the student to hands on experience in the scientific method, to meet a scientist, and to stimulate their interest in science.  Registration is through Community Education and there are about a dozen community and business partners that sponsor the fair. Additionally, there are many volunteers who do all the advance preparation and new helpers are always welcome!

The 30th annual fair will be on February  23, 2019 in the Gonda Building.  You may not see me there, but you will hear me since I have the privilege of being the “voice” of the fair, making the announcements to keep it running on time!  

This is another wonderful example of community members working together for the benefit of our students!


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