Student Programs

GATE (Gifted and Talented Education)

A couple years ago, RPS  didn’t have enough sixth grade classrooms for gifted (G)  and highly gifted (HG) students who had been identified in fourth grade in preparation for middle school placement.  I am proud to have been a strong supporter of the additional classrooms, teachers and resources to meet their educational needs at Kellogg and Willow Creek. 

So who exactly are G and HG students? Oftentimes people think they are the  “really smart kids” who can do just fine on their own and don’t need different kinds of resources.  These students have the same challenges (and often more) as their peers in navigating their years to adulthood. 

Nationally, gifted students are in the top 5% on nationally normed tests.  In Rochester, 15% of all students are in the top 5% of those tests, and 1-2% are HG. Some G and HG students are twice exceptional (2E): that is,  G or HG plus any disability.  (ADD, ADHD  and dyslexia are often common.) These are the kids who are most likely to fall through the cracks; our program doesn’t start soon enough and go fast enough.

The teachers who work with our gifted students do a tremendous job with the time and resources available to them, and I applaud them for their efforts.

There are multiple criteria apart from standardized test scores, including portfolios, writing prompts, and evidence of other work to identify G and HG students.  This is critically important in order to identify historically underrepresented students, those with learning disabilities and/or those who don’t test well.  I remain committed to providing the resources necessary for their success.




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