School Buildings

To Build or Not to Build?

The City of Rochester is growing. Enrollment in Rochester Public Schools is growing. Five elementary schools have exceeded 100% capacity, five more are between 95%, and 100% capacity, and an additional five are between 92.8% and 95% capacity. It is clear that additional space will be needed to accommodate our students.

The District also works with the city of Rochester to pinpoint areas of growth and development in order to plan intelligently.

In 2014 the Board closely studied these patterns of growth and capacities with Teamworks International  and concluded that no action was needed at the time. TI recommended that we revisit it every two to three years, which we have done.

Over the last year, it was clear that our elementary school buildings in particular were approaching or past capacity. Thus, the  Board directed the Superintendent to convene a task force (of district staff and community members) that is working with LHB Consultants.

Once the task force and LHB have completed the work and presented its final report and recommendation(s) to the Board, we will deliberate on these findings and make a decision on running a referendum.  In the meantime, the public and the Board are receiving ongoing updates from LHB and the co-chairs of the task force.  

It is clear that additional space is needed. The how, where and when are yet to be determined by the Board. I will use the same thorough, thoughtful approach in making this decision as I do in every decision that comes before the Board. 

Teamworks International
“Developing Leaders, Teams, and Individuals for Success”

LHB Consultants
Architectural and Interior Design Corporation




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