Platform and Focus

Platform and Focus


  • All students and staff are treated equitably and with respect.
  • All students are ready for kindergarten.
  • Foster a school climate in which students and staff are nurtured and safe.
  • Graduates are prepared for career and/or post secondary education.

 From The Graduate Profile:

  • Equity is a lens through which all decisions should be made.
  • Family and community engagement and effective partnerships are essential to achieving our vision for student success.
  • Students play a critical role in their learning.


Specific Areas  of School Board Continued Focus

  • Continue and expand professional development, strategies and practice in culturally responsive teaching.
  • Develop an intentional framework to increase School Board effectiveness, cohesiveness and function.
  • Encourage and support innovation and collaborative decision making with staff and administrators in each building.
  • Ensure that all students read at grade level by third grade, and continue to progress.
  • Evaluate programs and initiatives for their effectiveness in achieving desired outcomes well before the budget is developed.
  • Expand community engagement.


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