School Buildings

City Comprehensive Plan and the Schools

Someday a Downtown School?

Over the past several years I’ve had a few informal conversations with the superintendent and a city colleague about the possibility of a downtown school someday, perhaps in conjunction with Destination Medical Center (DMC)

If it were to be seriously considered, my vision of a downtown school would be to sustainably serve the community without large transportation expenses. Ideally, it would also share functions with other entities that would save money with initial cost and ongoing operations. Since there isn’t a lot of build-able land (and green space is important for the health of a city), other issues such as housing density would also have to be considered.

Although I have not seen the new Rochester City Comprehensive Plan, I provided input and maybe one day it will be a reality.

Educationally, some of the major barriers would be with MDE (Minnesota Department of  Education) requirements since this would likely be a non-traditional proposal were it to be considered .

Creativity through the arts (in my case, music) has taught me to engage in “off the wall” thinking and this is important in considering how to meet the educational needs of our 21st century learners.

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